Mapping Amache Internment Camp in Granada, CO

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Amache Guard Tower in 3D

Amache Guard Tower in 3D

This is the guard tower on the south end of the site at the point where block 12G and 12H meet. The guard tower was reconstructed as part of a project organized by Colorado Preservation Inc. The point cloud is derived from 150+ images captured via drone and processed...

Amache Point Cloud

Amache Point Cloud

This point cloud shows the entire 1 square mile of the site and is derived from 4,000+ images. Have a look and navigate around the site within the point cloud.


Wide Angle Shot    

Mapping Amache – Here We Go!

I have been mapping Amache Internment Camp since 2010… The challenge is to present this information in a way that makes it useful, accessible and honors the people who lived there.