Amache data in Unreal Engine immersive environment

Your Data in Unreal: How to bring your data into real-time environments… this was a webinar about how to “experience your 3D datasets in fully immersive environments”. Amache data was featured, among others, showing how the camp was rebuilt in the Unreal Engine using FME data manipulation tools.

The workspaces detailed how the different elements of the site were re-assembled. The barrack buildings were re-created from scratch rather than using a 3D model. This was possible because of their uniform and simple design. Attention to detail such as the grassy areas and barbed wire were assembled across the entire site and placed accurately, guided by the original drawings.

This and other webinars where Dmitri Bagh features Amache have been very encouraging. They show cultural heritage preservation and education that is possible using 3D environments, AR, GIS and other tools. Dmitri has graciously offered the workspaces used to create these 3D renderings for download. They can be used as a basis for further 3D models of the site. With tools such as FME, the entire site can be re-created again and again as needed.

Epic Games, who makes Unreal Engine (above) has recently moved into the cultural heritage preservation space by purchasing photogrammetry company Capturing Reality. This is an indication that large game platforms such as Epic Games want to be used to deliver non-game 3D content such as Amache and other cultural site re-creations. Epic games has a value of about $18 billion! Epic plans to integrate Capturing Reality’s powerful photogrammetry software into the Unreal Engine ecosystem, making it even easier for developers to upload images and create photorealistic 3D models in instants.

FME workspaces used to re-build Amache in 3D in the Unity Engine platform

Thanks to Dmitri Bagh for putting together the material above. Please link over to the Safe Software site to have a look.