Amache AR full scale

Amache AR Demo

The video clip below shows how one can use augmented reality (AR) to explore the buildings of Amache at full scale. The screen capture video was created in a neighborhood park using a 3D model of part of block 12G. I was able to literally walk around the barracks, mess hall and bath house and experience them at full scale. The models for barrack, bath house and dining hall are all now included and look very real. Captions and edits have been made to keep it short. This AR model, and others on this site were created by Dmitri Bagh of Safe Software using FME AR. In collaboration with Dmitri, we hope to have an AR model which accurately locates itself where it belongs if displayed while at Amache, using the GPS inside most mobile devices.

  Below are a few still shots of walking around in a park with the buildings of 12G surrounding me 


12G dining hall in AR

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    Amache AR full scale