Navigating around the map

Navigation toolsNavigation tools are in the upper left hand area. The plus (+) and minus (-) are to zoom in and zoom out. The Home button will zoom to the full extent of the map. The arrows pointing to the right and left will go to the previous map extent. On the map itself, double click anywhere to zoom to that place. (See below) When you zoom in and individual barrack units become visible, you can see who lived there by clicking  ONCE on the unit. A pop-up info bubble should appear with a brief set of information about that individual. Below, unit 8G_5E has been selected (single click). At the top of the pop-up window, we can see that record 1 of 3 is being displayed. Go to the next record by using the triangle shaped button (see arrow) at the top right. This will show all records from 1943 and 1945 for that unit. There is a ‘Zoom to’ button at the bottom left in case you want to zoom in closer to that barrack unit. On the bottom right are the (…) three dots. Click there to see the records in the attribute table for easier reading. selecting a barrack unit info bubble