Amache off-site internees bookmark

Some of those interned at Amache managed to find work, educational or other opportunities outside the barbed wire of the camp. These individuals were listed in the Amache directories in 1943 and 1945, but were shown as living in other locations. These were nearby places such as the XY Ranch and more distant places such as Minneapolis, MN. In order to represent these individuals, several “places” have been created on the map to show the various places where they lived during the period of incarceration. (see below)

These off-site locations are shown on the map just above blocks 6E and 6F as pictured below. There is a bookmark in the Bookmarks panel on the right hand side with a link called Off-site internees. Click on the location markers and notice the many individuals who were registered as Amache internees but moved on to other places.

Also, try out the other bookmarks to quickly navigate to other bookmarked places on the map.

bookmark off-site internees