Amache 11F Rec Hall Point Cloud

The Rec Hall building of Block 11F at Amache was returned on May 17, 2018. This image shows the textured mesh rendering generated from 96 images taken in orbit around the Rec Hall. Click on the image to link to the textured mesh online. It is a large file, so may be best not viewed on a mobile device.

Rec Hall 11F
Amache 11F Rec Hall

Amache Barrack 12H Point Cloud

This is the barrack building as reconstructed to the original spec. The point cloud lets you zoom in and out and rotate the structure all around. The point cloud is derived from 264 images – maybe more than enough. It was captured in detail. Click on the image to go to the point cloud.

barrack textured mesh
This image is the textured mesh of the barrack.