Amache 11F Rec Hall Point Cloud

The Rec Hall building of Block 11F at Amache was returned on May 17, 2018. This image shows the textured mesh rendering generated from 96 images taken in orbit around the Rec Hall. Click on the image to link to the textured mesh online. It is a large file, so may be best not viewed on a mobile device.

Rec Hall 11F
Amache 11F Rec Hall

Amache Barrack 12H Point Cloud

This is the barrack building as reconstructed to the original spec. The point cloud lets you zoom in and out and rotate the structure all around. The point cloud is derived from 264 images – maybe more than enough. It was captured in detail. Click on the image to go to the point cloud.

barrack textured mesh
This image is the textured mesh of the barrack.

Amache Water Tower in 3D

This is the water tower located at the southeast corner of Amache. It is created from 300+ images captured in an orbit pattern around the water tower via drone. Click on the image to see the textured mesh online. It will load slow and is better on a desktop than a mobile device. (Big file)

Water tower point cloud
Water tower point cloud

These are the camera positions

Amache Guard Tower in 3D

Guard tower point cloud
Point cloud of the guard tower

This is the guard tower on the south end of the site at the point where block 12G and 12H meet. The guard tower was reconstructed as part of a project organized by Colorado Preservation Inc. The point cloud is derived from 150+ images captured via drone and processed with Pix4D.


Guard tower textured mesh
Textured mesh

This is a 3-D textured mesh representation of the guard tower – made from the point cloud with careful editing.

Amache Point Cloud

This point cloud shows the entire 1 square mile of the site and is derived from 4,000+ images. Have a look and navigate around the site within the point cloud.

Amache point cloud
Overall point cloud combined with high resolution point cloud of structures

Navigating around the map

Navigation toolsNavigation tools are in the upper left hand area.
The plus (+) and minus (-) are to zoom in and zoom out.

The Home button will zoom to the full extent of the map.

The arrows pointing to the right and left will go to the previous map extent.

On the map itself, double click anywhere to zoom to that place.

(See below) When you zoom in and individual barrack units become visible, you can see who lived there by clicking  ONCE on the unit. A pop-up info bubble should appear with a brief set of information about that individual.

Below, unit 8G_5E has been selected (single click). At the top of the pop-up window, we can see that record 1 of 3 is being displayed. Go to the next record by using the triangle shaped button (see arrow) at the top right. This will show all records from 1943 and 1945 for that unit.

There is a ‘Zoom to’ button at the bottom left in case you want to zoom in closer to that barrack unit. On the bottom right are the (…) three dots. Click there to see the records in the attribute table for easier reading.

selecting a barrack unit info bubble

Find people using the Attribute Table widget

All of the Amache internees listed in the 1943 and 1945 directories used for this map are listed in the attached tables. Browse or search these tables by using the Attribute Table widget located in the lower right hand corner of the page
Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 6.46.09 PM.

This will open a panel at the bottom of the page, displaying tables for several map layers. Here, you can search for people by name or location and easily see all of the information available for these individuals.

Amache attribute table